Kahlil Wilson is a comedian from the Southside of Chicago. He began stand up in 2014, after completing the writing program at Second City Chicago. In addition to being a producer at Rat Pack Comedy, he can be seen at various other venues around the city. 

Aside from stand up comedy, Kahlil has spent time working in the radio industry and writing commercial script. Also he is real chill....real....real.....chill.


Conor Cawley is a comedian, writer and world-renowned sweetheart. He is a producer of Rat Pack Comedy, as well as a writer at Drinker's With Writing Problems; and has hosted charity events, open mics, and Dunkin Donut hash-brown eating contests all over Chicago. He has also had the pleasure of performing in the Hoboken Comedy Festival. During his free time, Conor likes to worry about whether or not people know that he can't correctly pronounce the word “colloquially."







Mike McCarthy is a guitarist / mad scientist / gear nut. He performs with the elusive cover band "Jebediah and the Springfields" and has been known to spontaneously make even the pop-iest of covers sound metal. Mike has a penchant for misusing the instrument and layering effects to create soundscapes and DJ sounds that induce creepy crawlies with his off-beat playing style. Mike plays comics on and off stage with an eclectic mix of said sounds. 



Sarah Larson is a photographer with a growing interest in shooting stand up comedy. She currently takes pictures for various comedy shows around the city, including Rat Pack Comedy and Around The Corner Comedy. Shadows, light, contrast, and reflection are a few of Sarah’s favorite things, and she loves it when they all come together in a photograph. Sarah has taken pictures for almost all of the Rat Pack Comedy events and she's the best. 

Check out some of her other work at sarahelizabethlarson.com